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I have been showing people exactly how to do this and they are now having a great time! And our special thanks to all our delegates for Testimonials received and for continuing to support us.

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Give me just one day of your time and I will show you a simple trading system I use every day that can help you to retire and lead an independent life style.

If you are looking for an extra tax free income which will probably start at around £300 a week and can rapidly rise to £3000 per week or more, all in your first year, then you need to see this. Check out our Simply Trading Forex BedTime Trader (BTT) Trading Log January 2013 to December 2013!

You can be set up and start earning from day one in less time than it takes to hoist the mainsail!

Simply-Trading can be fitted around your current job – all you need is a PC, internet connection and 25 minutes per day.

"Just to let you know that it is now a little over 3 weeks since I attended your seminar and I am delighted to let you know that I have already more than recovered the cost of the seminar, so everything I make from here on is all profit!! As I tend to be a bit on the slow side when learning new things, I would not have believed this was possible and its all down to your simple, easy to understand system.
If I can get my head around it so quickly then anybody could do this!!
Your twice weekly up-dates are invaluable. Thanks again and my very best wishes to you." Richard N. Kings Lynn

"Your seminar gave a very clear overview of the Simply Trading methodology. I had assumed the content was going to be very technical and demanding – but the approach you shared is beautifully straightforward, and clearly summarised in the course manuals. I started trading within a few days and have just tallied last week’s gain – 1565 points!" (£15,650 @ £10 per point) Ben, Oxford

"Hi Kevin,

Thought I would drop you a line after my first month's activity.

Things have gone well in many respects with just over 4000 banked pips (£20,000 @ £5 per point) in the first month from your methodology. I had 55% of trades that produced good profits, 30% that were small profits and 15% that were losses - which from what you said at the seminar is probably about the norm. Thanks very much for sharing your methodology with me." Peter T. IIB.

Dear Fellow Early-Retirement Seeker

My name is Kevin Greenhall and in the next few minutes I am going to show you a system that can produce a significant life-changing income and have a dramatic affect on what you and your family can enjoy…a bigger home, new cars, exotic holidays, private education and much, much more, and it matters not one jot how old you are or where you are based in the world.

Like you, I spent far too many years in a job where there was always too much month at the end of the money. Pensions were a joke that I couldn’t afford. Had things stayed the same I would now be destined for a poor retirement counting pennies to the end of my days.

But today is different and it can be for you too. Do you like driving to work on a Monday morning with all the stress of the early morning commute? I don’t! Or would you prefer sitting on a white sandy beach. Why not? Now it is possible!

During the last 10 years I have tried and tested the very best and worst ideas, at a cost of thousands of pounds, with very limited results. Despite the hype, the reality of most trading systems is that they are complex, time consuming and too risky. So, based on five years of research, I selected the best parts, put them together, and created a simple trading system of my own which I now use on a daily basis. Forget about bank or building society interest rates. Forget about renovating a house, opening a restaurant or running a small widget making factory. I’ve tried most of these and they’re very hard work. There is an easier way. MUCH easier …

"Beautiful, simple methodology - just 2 rules to remember

Very well organised and humorous 1 day (6 hour) seminar. Even twice-weekly currency markets commentary included.

I've received excellent, quick replies to my few subsequent queries. I made my first trade after less than a week, was in the market for only 2 days, and exited (just before a reversal arrived) with £700 profit ! Whooppee !! " 

Keith W. Isle of Man.

This is the key to YOUR retirement and I would like to show YOU how it is done…see our newly updated Course Content details and…

Let me give you an example of its power:

All based on a £5 per point stake. Some of the above trades ran for more than one week.

"…Wooo hoooooo!!! …. put my first trade on using your system last Wednesday…. at least a £2000 profit and so I'm obviously very pleased with what I learned from you." Chris, Burton

You can test this system with absolutely no risk involved. I show you a step-by-step guide on how to do this in detail, and I also send you a twice weekly update of where I think the market is heading. Under my guidance you paper trade. It costs you not a penny until you feel you are right to carry on and you trade with a small amount knowing the odds are stacked in your favour. Once you start trading with real money, you use the profits only to multiply your success. Basically, you risk nothing, and

YOU too can choose your ideal lifestyle…

Freedom to go wherever you choose

In June 2006, Janet & I had just berthed our 45ft Bavaria sailing yacht and I was sitting in the marina’s internet café just checking on the day’s profits before deciding which of the many exotic restaurants to chose for our evening meal, when I was approached by Trevor, a retired plumber from Manchester. He had noticed that each weekday I could be seen at the café with my laptop and smiling quietly to myself. He commented that he thought we were on holiday and wondered what I was finding so fascinating and absorbing.

I explained that this was my normal working week and that I could operate from anywhere in the world providing there was a suitable internet connection. He asked me to tell him how I managed to have such an idealistic life style. Following a short demonstration of how I traded the financial markets he became so excited that he insisted on my giving a full demonstration to a number of his close friends.

Thanks to Trevor, my Simply Trading Course was born. I now run private workshops in Majorca and in the UK where I give live demonstrations on how simple this system is to run, with minimum risk and for maximum profits. The seminar groups I have been running have met with such enthusiasm and proved so successful that I am being encouraged to offer the course more widely. This is not something I had intended to do but such is the demand. Although I am restricted by the Financial Services Act from giving you direct investment advice, I can let you ‘look over my shoulder’ using my twice-weekly newsletter, a very powerful feature that I currently offer free for the first three months.

Would you like to have a life that you choose
as opposed to a life chosen for you?…

My Simply Trading Forex course enables you to create a
home business earning you REAL money within days.

"I congratulate you - there is some shrewd wisdom in your last mail which I trust I shall follow. I am keeping my stops tighter now and, after made over 500 pts. profit during the week, only giving back a little with EURCHF.

€ / £ 296 pts. € / CHF 108pts. € / $ 100 pts.

Call it 'what you will' beginners luck, it certainly has captured my attention!!

Kevin you did a greatly appreciated 'damn good job' on the day course which is clear to see from the above. Many thanks.

Best Regards Brian V."

Let me show you how you can make massive profits by following the professional traders using my system which actually works, has been proven many times, and which is:

So why should you take notice of what I have to show you? Because,

“Just got out of GBP / USD after £1200 gain. Thanks!!”
Robert, Buckinghamshire

"Hi Kevin,

I wanted to tell you how delighted I was at 8pm this evening to find out my days profits for buying the € / £ was £120 and € / CHF £83 also going long. I don't earn much more than that for a 36 hour week at my job."

Phil P. Bury St Edmunds.


“Doing it for real and loving every minute. Started off with small amounts but have made £200 plus. I’m in the £ / $ and £ / CAD. Wish me luck!!!! Not that I need it with your training!!!!”
Alex, Somerset

“I like the way you’ve spelt out the trades and the profits – this reinforces your earlier messages and obviously shows the methodology works.”
Linda, Worcestershire



"I have only just started trading 2 weeks and perhaps not the easiest time to start but thanks to your very accurate limit order predictions I've had some very good short term trades!"
Chris B. Ireland.

"Hi Kevin

Thanks for a superb day. Very enjoyable and even more useful than I could have hoped it would be. You really gave me some insight into concepts I thought I understood. Now that I have seen the "real" update I cannot wait to get started. I have been on a number of courses over the years and I thought your presentation style and content were excellent. I was particularly impressed by your ability to cater for all levels of experience.

I look forward to sharing my success with other friend and getting them on board the STF road to success.

Very best wishes

Stephen S.London"

“I found the review you did very useful as I could look back and see the patterns and understand what to look for next time." Geoff, Nottinghamshire

“Thanks Kevin. Very clear as usual.” Elizabeth, Essex

"I had a great 2 weeks run with pips going my way left, right and centre! Thanks for a great trading system.

Best wishes

Peter S."

A fantastic opportunity ....

Simply Trading Forex seminar

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I am running a very special and exclusive Simply Trading Forex
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Many seats have already been booked privately, all by recommendation and with no advertising to date. I am looking for a few people who want to take advantage of a very special day which could change both your life & your income for the rest of your days. And risk free (see below). Seats are offered on a first come first served basis. Currently I offer these occasional workshops privately in Majorca and the UK, so this one is an opportunity for you to see not only how the other side live, but to become one of them.

Absolutely no risk…

This exclusive workshop comes with an absolutely No Risk Guarantee that goes even further.

I am so confident of this system that if, by lunchtime during our workshop, you feel that it just isn’t for you, or you don’t like it for any reason, or no reason at all, I will give you an instant and cheerful refund of the entire seminar fee and let you keep all the information you have already received. I want you to be happy with this. I believe you will be.

"Many thanks. It has been a very great help and what I liked best about your methodology is its absolute simplicity. I look forward to putting your advice into 'successful' action. Best wishes and kind regards." Donald.

My Objective is to give you the tools to get you trading successfully for as long as you desire and for you to make the income that you require for the rest of your life.

"The seminar was great, I have been to a few and yours was the best by far". AYYAZ

"The methodology has been working brilliantly. I have been bagging pips by the handful every day - nearly! Lots of opportunities out there at the moment with the Euro going to the moon and some good trades on the $ /JPY."


Course Content

My Simply Trading Forex Course provides you with information on trading the Forex Market, how it operates and what makes it move. I take you, step-by-simple-step, through how the charts are structured, the 11 major currency pairings monitored daily, and the technical trading indicators which will show you how to maximise your profits.

You will also have the opportunity to follow the trading market ‘live’ and receive practical instruction on how to manage your trades.

"Many thanks for the most illuminating course which had just the right amount of content to take in over a day." Linda. London SE18."

By the end of the day, you will be able to return home knowing everything you need to know to start you trading the financial currency market (it took me several weeks and many DVDs later, costing several thousands of pounds, to even begin to do this when I first started) and also knowing that you will have my continuing personal support and guidance, free for the first three months.

You will have a two part course manual to remind you of the course content covered during the day and you will receive my twice weekly email updates enabling you to ‘look over my shoulder’ at where I see the market is headed. You will be able to print out and retain these updates for your records giving you opportunity to compare what I have said with what has happened and to back-test my analysis of the results achieved (a feature which I believe is unique to my course).

"I have read your training manual and I have to say it is excellent. The manual is well written, easy to read and has clear explanations for all of the key points. I write many large text documents so know just how hard it is to get the balance right and I have to say you have achieved it with commendable success." Malcolm Portsmouth.

Click HERE to see full details of the course content.

Lunch and refreshments are also included in the cost of the course.

Your investment …

This course should be very expensive but it isn’t. One course I tried cost £2,500 and I didn’t see any return. Another was a serious up-sell to a course that cost even more. My Simply Trading Forex course is powerful and successful and could genuinely command a realistic fee of £3,000. However, I also want to provide an opportunity for the novice trader to test this system, and to prove its success for themselves so I have decided to set the value of this course @ £1600 plus vat.

Several financial experts have told me that this course is VASTLY UNDER-VALUED.

HOWEVER, I enjoy myself and I want you to do the same…

Therefore, in addition, and as a special introductory offer,

a discount of over 50% is offered to the first 10 people who respond to this invitation.

15 is the maximum number that the particular room reserved for this special occasion

can accommodate.

DON’T be disappointed, BOOK today.

At £885 (inc VAT) this investment can easily be recouped in your first few weeks of trading

I take no royalties from your successful trades and my twice weekly
newsletter is

FREE for the first 3 months.

To be advised

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Otherwise five years from now you will be where you are today…
just five years older!

Kindest regards

Kevin Greenhall MSc.
Managing Director
Simply Trading Forex Ltd.
Co-author of How to Ditch the Day Job


Register for the course and if you are not completely satisfied by lunchtime on the day, I will, without hesitation, refund your course fee in full. Therefore you have nothing to lose and you will be able to take away with you all the information that you have gained during the morning session.